torsdag, februari 25, 2010

Seminar: Electronic Surveillance of Communications

Today I will have a seminar on the Master Programme in Law and Information Technology, Stockholm University. The participants are exchange students.

The topic is electronic surveillance of communications. The students have received three articles to read and four questions to consider.

You can participate by writing comments on this blog, either in English or Swedish.

1. Kerr, Orin S., “Applying the Fourth Amendment to the Internet: A General Approach”, Stanford Law Review, Forthcoming

2. Solove, Daniel J., "Reconstructing Electronic Surveillance Law", Geo. Wash. L. Rev., vol 72, 2003-2004, pp. 1264-1305

3. Klamberg, Mark "A Paradigm Shift in Electronic Surveillance Law", forthcoming in Nordic Yearbook of Law and Information Technology 2010 (Nordisk årsbok i rättsinformatik).

1. When does the interference with privacy occur in relation to systems of mass surveillance of electronic communication?

2. How does the American system differ from the legal regime under ECHR in its approach to the content/non-content distinction?

3. In the country you come from, do you have any regulations concerning signal intelligence/strategic monitoring/surveillance for intelligence purposes? If not, does your country still have a state agency similar to the NSA, GCHQ, BND and FRA?

4. Is it appropriate to involve courts in issues concerning the implementation of policies on national security?

PowerPoint presentation
You can find my slides for the seminar here or below through slideshare.

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