onsdag, maj 29, 2013

New publication from OUP with contribution on evidence

Oxford University Press has recently published International Criminal Procedure: Principles and Rules, a comprehensive study of international criminal proceedings. It was edited by Göran Sluiter, Håkan Friman, Suzannah Linton, Sergey Vasiliev, and Salvatore Zappalà

I was part of the group that wrote the part on Evidence, my own contribution was the sections "General Requirements for the Admission of Evidence" and "Prosecution Access to the Defence Material" (pages 1016-1043, 1099-1107).

I find the study very useful for research when going into new areas of interest. You can read more about the publication here.

tisdag, maj 21, 2013

Paper on the Gotovina-Markač Judgment

I have written a paper with a summary of the Gotovina and Markač Trial Chamber judgment and Appeals Chamber judgment, in preparation for a panel discussion during the seminar “Transitional Justice in Former Yugoslavia through the Prism of the Gotovina-Markač Judgment”, Uppsala, Sweden, May 22, 2013. You can read the paper here.

Update. Rhodri Williams who participated in the seminar has written a blog post on the same matter.

tisdag, maj 14, 2013

Seminarium om drönare

Idag medverkade jag på ett seminarium om drönare. NyTeknik och Dagens Juridik har återgett en del av diskussionen. Nedan kan du se hela seminariet.